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Andrew Pearse

Singer - Song Writer - Musician


Notes from the artist

“This album is a staging post.

There may be more later and there may not. I had to hammer this one into the ground or risk it being buried under too much weight of the other priorities in my life. All valid but no more important than this music.

We all need a voice. I had to entrust mine to people who could help it sound like it did in my head, in the small attic room, in the modest and occasional venues. Or better. And it does. Thank you.”

Andrew Pearse is a musician from the landlocked middle of England. He likes the colour blue and loves his girls. And he is a surgeon.


“Harmonies. There have to be lots of harmonies.” That was the blueprint to The Hiding Days. Beyond that there were no specific rules. The first 8 songs, recorded in three edifying and occasionally blurred days at the Evolution Recording Studios, had been written and rewritten over 12 years. They were a blend of rock, English folk and lo-fi americana. However most of all the biggest influence on the music was the early-90s melodic chimes of indie rock from Manchester and Oxford. So who better to entrust the production to than one of the stalwarts of that era, Mark Gardener (ex-Ride frontman).

With surely one of the finest recording set-ups available in the recording studio, a Hammond organ complete with a Leslie cabinet, Fender Rhodes and Nick Moorbath on keys and engineering the songs were given the room to reach their full potential. 3 more songs were added borne in some ways from the process itself.

Mixed in the Ox-4-Sound studio by Mark Gardener, where more subtle layers were added, the album remains deliberately sparse.

The music itself was influenced by the wide-open plains of the frozen southern continents, by lost friends and an attempt to step out of the self-perpetuating pathological pace of the day-to-day. To slow it down. To hide, if only for a little while. Just for a few days. The Hiding Days.

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